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Memory, Like Lace, is Full of Holes

(Series 2020)

Jerusalem Series

Works on Paper (2017)

Meditations on Love

Series 2016

Jerusalem Series

Works on Paper (2016)

Not Neutral

Kreeger Museum 2013

After Tohoku

(Series 2012)

Of Mysterious Gardens

Monotypes (Series 2011)

After Cabri

Works on Paper (Series 2010)

Selected Paintings

Oils on Canvas

Nights of the Roses

Works on paper (Series 2008)

Of Roses and Rasa

Monotypes (Series 2008)

Finding Light

Works on paper (Series 2004)

All that is Remembered

Oils on Canvas (Series 2003-2004)

Touching Quiet

Works on paper (Series 2000)

Selected Works on Paper

1985 - 2000

After the Holocaust