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The Obligation of Beauty
A Memoir

By Mindy Weisel

Published Text

2012 | Disappearing Traces
Holocaust Testimonials, Ethics, and Aesthetics
Dorota Glowacka, University of Washington Press

2003 | Impossible Images: Contemporary Art After the Holocaust (New perspectives on Jewish studies)
Shelley Hornstein, Laura Levitt, Laurence J. Silberstein, New York University Press

2003 | The 7 Day Color Diet New Guide to Health and Beauty
Weisel, Mindy, Capital Books

2001 | Daughters of Absence: Transforming a Legacy of Loss
Weisel, Mindy, Capital Books

2000 | Touching Quiet: Reflections in Solitude
Weisel, Mindy, Capital Books

1997 | The Jewish Spirit
Ellen Frankel; Stewart, Tabori and Chang

1982 | The Beginning of Things
Rand, Harry; Capital Books

1980 | The Rainbow Diet
Weisel, Mindy, Simon and Schuster

Frankel E. The Jewish Spirit. Stewart, Tabori and Chang


2000 | Paul Celan: Glottal Stop, 101 Poems

Popov, Nikola; McHugh, Heather, Wesleyan University Press

2000 | Blue Numbers, Red Life
Jacobstein, Roy, The North Carolina Writers Network

1995 | The Reawakening
Levi, Primo, Simon and Schuster

1995 | The Survival of Auschwitz
Levi, Primo, Simon and Schuster

Illustrated Books

2019 | Women’s Voices From the House of Time, Part II; Martina Kohl  –  Go to Article

2011 | Women’s Voices From the House of Time; Martina Koh –  Go to Article

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